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CRLS Connects 1:1 FAQs

Why is CRLS shifting to a 1:1 device to student model?
CRLS Connects is a comprehensive program at CRLS that aims to provide support and access to digital resources for all students and teachers. The 1:1 school-issued device model will ensure that all students have access to technology tools both in and out of school to support 21st century learning.

How was the Chromebook selected as the device?
Chromebooks were selected as the student device for a variety of reasons, including successful implementation in classrooms across the district in grades 3-12. They also align with the district use of the G Suite for Education and other online tools and resources. Chromebooks have a fast boot up time of 8 seconds which minimizes loss of instructional time, coupled with a battery life that exceeds the length of the school day. The Acer C740 Chromebook was purchased for the 2017-2018 school year as both the freshman device and for the teacher pilot carts.

Who is getting a Chromebook?
During the 2017-2018 school year, all freshman students will receive a school-issued Chromebook. In addition, twenty-one teachers are piloting carts of class sets of Chromebooks and there are six carts of class sets available to the remaining CRLS teachers on a reservation basis. The goal is to learn from these models in anticipation of a full 1:1 roll out for all CRLS students in school year 2018-2019.

Do they take it home? Do they keep it over the summer? How long are they keeping it?

The Chromebook is issued to the student for both in school and out of school use for their duration as a student at CRLS. This includes overnight, weekends, school vacations, and summer. For this reason, it is the responsibility of the student to care for the Chromebook to ensure access to the device daily.

What happens if the student leaves CRLS?

The Chromebook must be returned to the school upon withdrawal, expulsion, or termination of enrollment at CRLS for any reason.

Does a case come with the device?
Yes. Each student will receive a Chromebook, charger, and carrying case. Upon receipt, the student will label these three components and they will be recorded in the inventory. The “work-in” carrying case allows access to the Chromebook without removing it from the case. It also has both handles and a shoulder strap to provide for secure transportation of the Chromebook.

Can I put stickers on my Chromebook?
No. The Chromebook is loaned to the student during their enrollment at CRLS. Stickers, decals, or any other markings are considered vandalism of school property.

Do students need to bring the Chromebook to school every day?

Yes. Although they may not use it every day in each class, it is likely that they will need access to online resources on a daily basis. It is also a good habit to set up a routine to charge the Chromebook each night and bring it to school each day prepared for use.

I already have a laptop, can I bring that to school instead?
Freshman will no longer be able to bring their own device to school. They will be asked to use the school-issued Chromebook at school. This is to ensure a standard model of student technology in the classroom for teacher planning, technical support, and alignment to educational resources. Students in grades 10-12 will still be allowed to bring their own device during the 2017-2018 school year.

What if my child loses it?
Please immediately report any lost or stolen Chromebooks to CRLS Security at 617.349.6772, and be sure to provide your student’s name and Learning Community. You can also email and to report online.

What if my child damages it?
Any damaged Chromebooks should be brought to the CRLS Tech Center, Room 3401, and reported via email at

What if my student is having technology troubleshooting issues?
Students with technology issues should visit the CRLS Tech Center, Room 3401, before school, during Lunch, or after school, or during class time with a pass.

How can I access my CPS Google Drive files when I am offline?
You can access your Google Drive files in Chrome when you are offline by using the Google Docs Offline Chrome extension. Follow these instructions, or watch this short video to learn how.