Aspen Student/Parent Accounts

Aspen is a secure online information resource for Cambridge Public Schools. It contains family contact information, grade information, and a variety of reports and documents that teachers, students and parents may need.

6 Things You Can Do with Aspen

  1. View your child’s schedule and list of his/her teachers. Some teachers will have set up student and parent pages!
  2. See if your child has missed any assignments
  3. Monitor your child’s grades (may take a few days to get entered)
  4. Update your family contact information
  5. Review attendance information
  6. Download recent report cards

Cambridge Rindge and Latin School students and parents can now login to Aspen to view their child's gradebook, assignments, attendance, and conduct. Students and parents now have separate accounts. Students can login using their CPS network credentials. Parents, please login using your email address. If you have never logged in before, please use the temporary password that was mailed to you.

Login to Your Account | Login Instructions

Need Help?

If you're unfamiliar with Aspen, here's a how-to Aspen video. In addition, Aspen ELearning Videos for student and family portals are available from the student home page. If you still need assistance after viewing the videos, please contact the instructional technology specialist, school administrator, lab manager, or guidance counselor.

If you have any questions about using the portal or difficulties logging into the system please Contact your child’s Learning Community:

Learning Community C 617.349.6674
Learning Community R 617.349.6661
Learning Community L 617.349.6638
Learning Community S 617.349.6652

Or email the CRLS Tech Center.

I am a new student, how do I create an account?
All student/parent accounts are automatically created once enrolled in CRLS. Students are provided their login information during school. Parents' login information is mailed home. Parents must have an email address in order to have an account.

Can't remember your password?
Students can receive password assistance at the CRLS Technology Center every day before and after school. Parents, please use the ‘Forgot Password’ feature on the log in screen.

Can't remember your username?
Student usernames are the student's ID number. Your child's Student ID is printed on some school district correspondence including bills from the Food Services department. You may also contact Greta Hardina or the main office to request your child's student ID. Parent usernames are the email address you provided to the school on the emergency forms.

Why are there values missing in the gradebook?
Teachers have been instructed to mark all assignments as public with no grade. By doing this, the gradebook will appear with no values in it, however, the student/parent account can see assignments from their home page and calendar, and overdue assignments can be seen easily from the ToDo widget.

The site doesn't seem to be working correctly?
Please make sure that javascript and popups are enabled. If you are still having difficulties, please contact the instructional technology specialist or the lab manager.