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Students of the Quarter

Students sitting at DesksThe CRLS Mathematics department recognizes one student from each of its offered courses from Algebra I through Calculus. These students, known as the Mathematics department's Students of the Quarter, will be chosen from all students who are nominated by teachers for the award.

To be recognized as a Student of the Quarter does not necessarily mean that a student has the highest grades in the class. Rather, the award is meant to showcase those students who have truly dedicated themselves to being the best mathematics student that they can be through asking good questions, working well with their classmates and by doing all of their work. Better grades are simply a byproduct of these efforts.

The students listed below have been recognized. Please click on any name to see an explanation of what makes each student worthy of the title of CRLS Mathematics department Student of the Quarter.

2018 - 2019
Quarter 1

Algebra 1

Daveigh McDaniel-King


Preya Das

Algebra 2

Israel Diaz Batista


Nathalia Burini

Math Reasoning with Applications

Kevin Fleurimond

Computer Science / Programming

Ruggero Botto

Pre-Calculus & Calculus 

Adrianna Lopez (Pre-Calculus)
Miles Gilmore (Calculus)

Functions, Statistics & Trigonometry

Noshin Khan


Annalise Jacobson