A022 CP Painting Student Painting
Students will explore the materials and properties of acrylic painting through a series of demonstrations and classroom assignments. Composition, perspective, realism, abstraction, and non-objective painting will be addressed. Students will examine different periods and genres such as the Renaissance, Impressionism, Abstract Expressionism, still life, and portraiture. The class will participate in visits to local museums and engage in critical thinking exercises to sharpen their visual skills. Grade: 10, 11, 12; Length: One Semester; Credits: 10; Prerequisites: Foundations of Art

A020 CP Portraits
The main focus of this course is for students to become comfortable with drawing and painting people by drawing what they see, not the symbols in their heads. Students will explore drawing and painting portraits in graphite, and acrylic. Students will visit Youville Retirement Home to draw, paint and interview the residents. Portraits class is a family-like environment where students become comfortable with each other through development of their art. Grade: 9,10,11,12; Length: One Semester; Credits: 10; Prerequisite: Foundations of Art or permission of the instructor.