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VPA Fashion CourseA070 CP The Art of Fashion 1
Students in this course will learn to illustrate the fashion figure, clothing and accessories using the tools and techniques practiced today in the fashion industry. The class will explore past, current and personal fashion concepts through research of fashion designers and brands. This will help them to promote their fashion designs and to understand the progress of fashion throughout history. Students will also learn fashion design skills ranging from basic textile identification, pattern making, drawing, hand and machine sewing to embellishing projects that utilize the principles of art and the elements of design. Both women’s wear and men’s wear will be examined. The course will be enhanced by the formal review process and students will assess their own and each other’s work through journal writing and oral critiques. Grades: 10, 11, 12; Length: One Semester; Credits: 10; Prerequisites: Foundations of Art

A962 HN The Art of Fashion 2
Students will diligently practice their drawing, designing, and garment construction skills, as well as be introduced to several modern fashion design concepts. Using deconstruct and reconstruct methods, they will embellish on existing product designs while creating their own designs. Students will keep up on current trends using technology, while also practicing traditional drapery and pattern design techniques. An in-depth study of designers will be integrated throughout the course. Digital documentation for a portfolio will be practiced. The course will culminate with the design of a clothing line that emphasizes individual style. Grades: 10, 11, 12; Length: One Semester (students are encouraged to take it for continuous semesters); Credits: 10; Prerequisites: Foundations of Art and The Art of Fashion 1