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A075 CP Ceramics 1
CeramicsThis is an introductory course in sculpture using clay as the medium. Students will learn to apply the elements of design as they relate to three-dimensional artwork. This will include form, texture, glaze application as well as exploring ones self in their artwork. Students will be introduced to the clay building techniques of slab construction, coil construction, and pinch pots. Students will also explore the difference between functional and nonfunctional artwork as it relates to the clay medium. Grades: 9, 10, 11, 12; Length: One Semester; Credits: 10

A965 PF Portfolio Ceramics
This advanced course builds on the skills and understandings developed in Ceramics 1. Students will refine their techniques striving for mastery of the clay medium. New techniques will include wheel throwing and mosaics. This course is designed for serious art students who would like to expand their knowledge of sculpture and clay. If taken for multiple semesters, students can focus on developing a portfolio that can be used to apply to either a liberal arts college or an art school. Students are encouraged to repeat this course in consecutive semesters and over multiple years to continue development of their technical and artistic skills. Grades: 10, 11, 12; Length; One Semester; Credits: 10; Prerequisite: Ceramics A075